Closer To Dania

Turn on the sound to enter the story. Find Dania’s voice and listen.

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portrait of Dania

36° N   Aleppo

Start the radio again to get an insight into Dania’s former life in Syria’s capital Aleppo. Can you comprehend why she left?

One decision, 50 days and 4.958 kilometers

“At first I wasn’t going to Norway or Europe. I was just going to visit my uncle in Turkey and go back. But then it just got worse and worse and so I decided not to go back.” Dania

Dania’s plan to leave Syria permanently evolved during her trip to Turkey for a family visit. Find your way through the interactive map and follow Dania’s route.Read and listen to the experiences she made and different places she passed.

62° N  Volda

Since October 2015, Volda, located on the west coast of Norway is her new hometown. Sharing a house with three other women from different nationalities, Dania starts to get used to her new surrounding. Can you picture a life in a country thousands of kilometers away from where you grew up?

Approaching Norwegian

“Dania is absolutely one of the students who can quickly get into a job and get along with her life.” Gunnar

During the week, Dania attends the educational center in Volda to make Norwegian become her next principal language. She also learns about the Norwegian Culture and society or how to apply for a job. What would living in a foreign-language and culture society mean to you?


"My experience is that the great majority of refugees want to work and participate. I don’t believe the lazy, cheating refugee-stereotype is true." Rønnaug Myklebust, Educationcenter Volda

The aim of the introduction program is to make the refugees and others qualified for work or studies. Every refugee between 18-55 years who already received their residence permission is offered to participate in the educative program. It lasts for a maximum of two years. Basel (Danias brother) is a successful story. He was lucky to have his papers and got practicum and later employment as a pharmaceutist. Not everyone has this. The biggest barrier that prevent refugees from being employed is the language. The main responsibility is on the refugee itself, but the program is there to support. Very few refugees are used to a society where organizations and network building play such an important role in social life. Refugees can contribute with the same things as us in the society: good neighborhood, participation in volunteer work, etc. They explain in the program why it is so important to work and pay tax, by learning them about free health care in case of accidents, free dental care for children and so on. Furthermore they get an overview about norwegian history, society and their rules.

You have a new message!

There is something Dania wants to let you know. Check the chat window and read through the messages to see what news she is holding ready for you.

Oneway Ticket to Sula

Dania has waited for months to receive the permission to move closer to her brother Basel who lives and works in Ålesund. Closer means Sula. It is 28 km away from Ålesund and widespread populated compared to Volda. She takes the bus to get to her new home. Join her on the short-distanced, but emotionally far-reaching ride into her immediate future.

A new home, a new life

Dania has finally reached her new place and can unpack, settle down and figure out what is next. Study in Ålesund? Apply for a job? For the last time open your eyes and ears to get one more piece closer to Dania.