OUT101 Blog post #1 (the making of Assignment #1)

Assignment #1 video

For the assignment we didn’t really know what to do when we did the recordings. My group first recorded sounds, then filmed, but since we didn’t know what we were supposed to do from the beginning, a lot of what we did didn’t really fit together.

I am no stranger to just try to put together something with whatever is available, and so my first order of business was trying to find a base for the entire video to be put together upon. Luckily, I had interviewed one of my teammates during our sound recording session and asked how it was to hike in the Norwegian mountains. Her answers got edited down to the required 20 seconds, and from there on I tried to focus on finding fitting video clips to aid and strengthen meaning of the audible words, and I also added copyright-free music which I think added some much needed mood to the video without distracting from the message. I also added atmospheric sound, which I had recorded. It was very much in the background, but still audible, and since the entire video was a string of outdoor-clips, the sound of the wind and water nearby never felt out of place and tied everything together audibly.

Would I do anything different if I were to do this again? Most likely, yes. I’d spend more time filming (I had to share a camera at the time) in order to get prettier shots. Most of my shots were mediocre at best and lacked real quality to them. I would also try to get more interviews to choose from. And I would deffinitely try to get cleaner and better audio clips to use for adding more atmosphere in the video.

But to me, everything always comes together in the edit. I might have a rough idea of what I’m doing when I record footage and sound, but things can change a lot in the edit, and while I can’t speak for others, I know that I never truly know what I have until I’ve made it, and so I take my time in the edit, trying meticulously to make all the pieces fit together. Given that in this case I had no idea what I was doing during recording, I’m quite happy with what I managed to put together in the edit, and I can’t say for certain I’d have managed to make anything better given more time and/or planning.

As a final little side note, I just wanna mention the “” text at the end. It came about in a rather funny way.

As everyone were finishing up their videos, I got to see one made by one of my classmates, and he had it at the end of his, and I found it funny. I don’t remember exactly how we got to it, but at some point, me and one more classmate agreed we’d all put it in the end of our videos as well. So we were 3 people all ending our videos as if they were an ad. Have we accidentally come across a great marketing strategy? Make a lot of different people place ads in videos online to grab the attention of as many people as possible? We might never know. But it was a lot of fun.

And FYI, the domain name “” is not taken. If you want it, it’s yours.

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