OUT101 Blog post #2 (Standalshytta)

The trip to Standal was an enjoyable experience, from a purely social standpoint. As something of an introvert and awkward person in social circumstances, I think it did me well to have a few days sepparated from a lot of technology, especially internet access.

My impression of the cabin was a good one. While not exactly spacious, and with beds too short for my liking, it was simple and comfortable and with everything needed to make a modern human comfortable.

My impression of the mountains around, however, was representative of my slightly cynical nature. I am not one to to very impressed by nature in general. For reasons unknown to myself, I can’t find myself to view things like mountains as more than “just mountains.” However, reaching the peaks felt good, even though the view was to me nothing more than “just mountains.” It gives a sense of accomplishment to stand at the top.

At this point, you might expect me to be posting images or videos from the hikes to further illustrate the experience. However, I did only produce recordings to be used in the assignments given. I am not one to produce photography or video as a hobby or for leisure (I personally do not enjoy “bragging-photos” like that on social media and other places). So this blog is, and will remain, purely text.

The time spent in the cabin was enjoyable, much thanks to the great company of my classmates and the fact that we all shared responsibilities. We all cooked, cleaned and helped each other out with our assignments. The evenings especially were great fun, as we made a campfire and sat around talking about anything and everything, laughing, discussing, joking and pondering.

The hiking trip the first day was not very hard. Despite not really having a trail to follow, the good thing about going up mountains is you just have to keep going up. It wasn’t steep either, and once we go to our destination we spent our time making recordings and practice using our equipment. The time back was equally simple, with me walking, hopping and skipping my way down quite a way ahead of the rest.

The second day was much harder, with the very beginning being very steep and needing me to use my hands to climb at times. Luckily, we got a break midway to the top to discuss ideas for our media product and eat. The while hiking trip left me quite exhausted, and I felt it in my legs especially in the coming days.

The worst thing for me during the hikes was the heat. It seemed all my classmates liked that it was sunny and warm, but despite that they dressed in wool and warm jackets. I kept to wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, because I don’t handle heat very well. Even when sitting down on the mountain tops with a bit of wind, I felt too warm. I got asked constantly how I could handle not wearing anything more, to which my constant reply was “I don’t get how you can wear so much in this heat.” I am hoping that by the time of our next hiking trip the weather will be cooler so I won’t get as overheated.

This is the long and short of the trip, seen from my perspective.

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